What are Kegel Balls?

Let’s start with your kegel muscle (pubococcygeneus). You know that feeling when you really need to wee and you are holding on like mad. The kegel muscle is what is stopping you from urinating. Both men and women have kegel muscles but in this instance we are focusing on women. As we get older, have babies etc this muscle weakens and like every other muscle in our bodies we have to work to look after it, kegel balls help you to do this.

Listed below are some of the benefits of keeping your kegel muscle strong:

Sex first!

  • Increased sensitivity leading to more intense sexual arousal
  • Helps you reach an orgasm faster
  • Helps heighten sexual pleasure for both the female & male
  • Can even cause an erection of the clitoris (mmmm this sounds interesting we’ll get back to you with a blog on this topic)
  • And all of this will no doubt increase your SEX DRIVE

Other health benefits:

  • Improved control of your bladder
  • Helps make childbirth and recovery easier

The coolest thing about kegel balls is that they don’t require much effort. Once inserted your muscles do the work involuntarily. You are therefore exercising at your desk, or while cooking dinner or at the shops if you’re feeling daring.

Tip: If you’ve had a big session with your kegels you may want to allocate some special time in the day for self-pleasure or sex. They do tend to get the juices flowing.

Little fact: Kegel balls have been around since c.500AD.