Who Would Have Thought All Males Are So Sensitive?

Summarised by MOJOCO from Ian Kerner’s Passionista


Most of us, Men included, consider the male sexual organs to be limited to the penis head and shaft but there’s so much more to know and involve!


The head/glans is the focus of most bloke’s masturbation but it’s these bad habits of racing to orgasm that’s a leading contributor of premature ejaculation being 3 times more prevalent in males than erectile disorder. Women also often don’t appreciate the sensitivity of this region, especially after orgasm or the early stages of arousal, which is equivalent to their clitoris. The fellatio complaints of men are not dissimilar to those of women, along the lines of too rough, too fast, too much focus on the head etc.


Both sexes therefore have much to learn about all parts of the male sexual organs to truly unlock all the potential, including the:


  • Glans: from the ridge of the corona to the underside of the frenulum (which many men co
    nsider their “sexual sweet spot”) the glans is the most physically sensitive part of the male body;
  • Foreskin: in uncircumcised men can play a key role in stimulation for both him and her. It’s filled with sensitive receptors that turn him on and when retracted makes a wider ridge that some women refer to as a “G spot stimulator”;penis-2
  • Shaft: consists of three cylindrical spheres of soft tissue – the two larger spheres make up the corpus cavernosum which rapidly fills with blood during erection, held there by a system of valves until ejaculation;
  • Scrotum: the left side typically hangs lower than the right as descends first during birth. Both testicles are contracted in when cold and during sex for protection;
  • Perineum: between the scrotum and anus is filled with nerve ending and erectile tissue that swells with blood during arousal;
  • Anus:the entrance, like the perineum is full of sensitive nerve endings;
  • Prostate gland: a walnut sized gland below the urinary bladder that produces the white sticky fluid which forms most of the volume of semen. Also referred to as the male g spot can be stimulated through anal touch or massaging of the perineum;
  • Buttocks, gluteus and abdominal muscles: often tight with tension.


A combination of physiological and psychological factors results in the male compulsion to protect or guard the entire pelvic region. By opening up and engaging the entity of this pleasure zone you can enjoy a heightened “out of body” sexual and sensual experienced.


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