Sexual Wellbeing – Why is it important?


We often think to ourselves, ‘I should exercise more, eat healthily, meditate, get a massage’ but what about allocating time for our sexual wellbeing? It is so often pushed to the back of the ‘to do’ list or not even on it to begin with.


The way we feel about and experience sex is deeply connected to our core energy. It can affect our relationships, mood, sleep and stress levels.


Sex and self-pleasure releases the following hormones:
Prolactin – responsible for many things including deep relaxation and sleepiness and has been linked to reduced risk of breast and prostate cancer.
Oxytocin – known as the love hormone also contributes to relaxation and reduced stress and anxiety.
Endorphins – a natural pain reliever.
Immunoglobulin A and DHEA hormone – boost immunity and great for the skin.


They sound good right? Here are some tips to help you get started on your personal exploration.


Look after your pelvic floor – Kegel Balls
Strengthening your pelvic floor leads to increased sensation, better orgasms and improved bladder control. Having regular sex and orgasms will help but you should also look at getting yourself some kegel balls. These are small shaped weights that you insert into your vagina like a tampon.


They are often sold in a progressive set so as your muscles strengthen you can move up. They feel quite discrete and your muscles will contract involuntarily to do the work for you.  They can be worn at home or work, basically anywhere. Quite fun to have a performance review with your boss while working on the intensity of your orgasms…


Make sex important  


Yes, that’s right. It’s a priority! Living with bad or non-existent sex can make us quite frankly pretty cranky (not enough of that Oxytocin as we mentioned earlier). This involves communication first. Get out those diaries and make a date. If you’re in a relationship with your partner and if you’re not, with yourself.


So now that you’ve got a date think about what sex means to you. Do you always enjoy it? Do you struggle to orgasm? Has your libido altered recently? These are important issues to be addressed and not to be marked as unimportant. Education is key. For starters there are loads of fantastic books out there and if you still feel lost, consider booking in to see a Sexologist. It sounds a bit daunting but why not? You’ve got nothing to lose.


Get sensual 


Sex and sensuality is such a beautiful combination. Remember sex is what you make it and it doesn’t have to end with penetration or orgasm. It is an opportunity to connect with your body.  Get naked and run silk across you body. Massage each other from tip to tail and see where it leads. Enjoy engaging in the senses. Close your eyes and touch yourself feeling the sensation of skin against skin.


A superfood for sex


Macca – have you heard of it? This was only recently brought to our attention, incredible! Increases your libido and has also been known to help men with erectile problems. Check it out at your local health food store.


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