– Explore your sensual side with a Mojoco Sex Toy Party –

A Mojoco sex toy party is all about creating a comfortable environment for women to explore their sensual side. A Mojoco sex toy party is a fun, relaxed way to do just that in the comfort of your own home surrounded by good friends. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about your body’s capabilities and discover the best assortment of the amazing womens sex toys, couples sex toys, lingerie and bedroom essentials available.

What happens at a sex toy party?

Sex toy parties can be hosted by anyone! Sal, the co-founder of Mojoco, will be your facilitator. Sal come’s to your home, loaded with top quality products (womens sex toys, lingerie, couples sex toysorganic lube, etc) and honest information about all different ways you could enhance your sexual experiences. She shares stories about her journey and wants you to ask any questions you like. There is no pressure to purchase although if you’d like to there will be an opportunity to do so.

Sex is fun and so is a Mojoco sex toy party!

Some ideas below:

Girl’s night in – Get dressed up, or dressed down, and enjoy a memorable night in with the girls.

Hen’s party – Ditch the dodgy games and get Sal in for some light fun.

After school drop off brunch – Spice up your mid-week by getting a few girls around for a champagne brunch.

What locations are sex toy parties available?

Mojoco are currently servicing Brisbane to Byron Bay. But if you’re not too far out of this zone please enquiry and we will see if we can accomodate.

Why host a party?

Well firstly you can ask ANY questions you like. You get to see, feel and compare Mojoco’s full range. The host receives a free gift. If your purchase on the day you will receive a 5% discount.

Is there a cost?

Mojoco sex toy parties are free so long as sales reach a minimum of $250 and 72 hours notice is given if the party is cancelled. If not, then there will just be a $50 fee. We require a credit card number at the time of booking to reserve your date.

More on Sal your facilitator

Sal is passionate about normalising sex. After the birth of her second child she realised her libido was almost non-existent and although she loved her husband more than ever she wondered how it would ever be like it was before. A huge part of that was not shying away from the issue and communicating. This communication led to Mojoco. Embrace the ebbs and flows of your sensuality. Be honest with yourself and your partner. There is nothing wrong with enjoying one of life natural pleasures.

Find out more

Curious to ask a few questions or reserve your date for your adult toy party?

Please either give us a call anytime on 07 5533 8355

or email customerservice@mojoco.com.au


“I’m someone who never thought they would purchase an adult toy. I’m rather shy and keep my sex life to myself. When one of my friends asked me to their house for a sexual wellbeing party I was nervous, unsure but intrigued. I ended up being the one to ask the most questions. Sal made me feel so comfortable and that everything was normal. I walked away with lots of goodies. My relationship with my husband and my self has vastly improved through the process. Thank you!” – Sarah QLD


“I walked through the doors of an adult shop once, freaked out and vowed never to do it again. Then my friend hosted a Mojoco sex toy party. My whole perspective has changed. It shouldn’t be a dirty experience. I left feeling elevated and excited to start my sensual exploration at 36! Oh and it was loads of fun” – Ella QLD