A fun, relaxed way to do explore the wonderous world of sex

What happens at a Mojoco Sex Toy Party ?

A sex toy party can be hosted by anyone! Sal (Mojoco’s Founder) comes to your home, loaded with a curated selection of premium quality sensual products and honest information about all the different ways you could enhance your sexual experiences. She shares stories about her journey and encourages you to ask any questions you like. It is loads of fun plus you get to see and compare Mojoco’s full range. Everything Mojoco stocks is bodysafe, usb rechargeable, waterproof and chosen by a woman for women. 

Host benefits….

Host receives 10% of sales to spend on their own purchases.

Locations & cost?

Brisbane to Byron


Mojoco is currently servicing Brisbane to Byron Bay. We also do virtual parties if you live anywhere else in the world!

Mojoco sex toy parties are FREE we just ask for at least 72 hrs ahead of the party to cancel. 



Call: 0422571173

Email: sally@mojoco.com.au

Call and book your date today!! Minimum 6 people.


“I’m someone who never thought they would purchase an adult toy. I’m rather shy and keep my sex life to myself. When one of my friends asked me to their house for a sexual wellbeing party I was nervous, unsure but intrigued. I ended up being the one to ask the most questions. Sal made me feel so comfortable and that everything was normal. I walked away with lots of goodies. My relationship with my husband and my self has vastly improved through the process. Thank you!” – Sarah QLD 

“I walked through the doors of an adult shop once, freaked out and vowed never to do it again. Then my friend hosted a Mojoco sex toy party. My whole perspective has changed. It shouldn’t be a dirty experience. I left feeling elevated and excited to start my sensual exploration at 36! Oh and it was loads of fun” – Ella QLD

 All of us have the ability to enjoy sensuality. For some it is alive and free and for other it is waiting patiently within them....