Sex Positive

Everyone likes the sound of the words “sex positive”…but what do they actually mean?


In summary, sex positive is a non-judgmental movement that celebrates all consensual sexual activities learn the facts here now.


It’s about having a positive attitude about sex…seeing sex as healthy and enjoyable.


Sex positive people are comfortable with their own sexual identity and with the sexual behaviour of others. They see sexual pleasure and experimentation as good things in life and are comfortable discussing sex.


Learning more about safe sex and your body’s capabilities are all part of the sex positive movement. It is also sometimes linked to feminism because women are empowered and have the freedom to choose what’s best for them.


Whenever sex positive is discussed, words like uplifting, elevating, invigorating, inspiring, liberating are mentioned. So while there may be some conflicting opinions surrounding the subject, we like it and aim to create a sex positive culture at MOJOCO.