Sex After Marriage – Is It Different?

The act of marriage as in the actual process will not alter your sex life but changes in your life will. So it really depends on how marriage changes your life. For some life may continue much the same as it did before but for others it might be the beginning of living under the same roof which would clearly impact your intimacy.


Traditionally marriage signifies a life commitment, usually in a monogamous relationship. Perhaps this commitment will provide a deeper connection that will have you acting as if you’ve just met your partner. On the other hand you may feel a bit daunted by the enormity of sex with one person forever in which you might start examining your sex life a little more.


Whatever the change in your sex life you can be sure it will change again. This is why it is so important to COMMUNICATE! Why is it that we can talk about almost anything with our partners except the most intimate thing we do together? Most likely out of love. We don’t want to offend our partners or for them to feel inadequate in any way.


Although that first conversion may be a little uncomfortable it is absolutely for the greater good of your relationship. Instead of focusing on how you’ve always done things create a space where you talk about the future of your sex life. As you grow older and change let your sex life evolve too. Take sex for the ride!


Did you know that the second highest reason (behind finances) for relationship breakdown is sexual dissatisfaction? What does this mean? In essence embrace sex as an integral part of your marriage. Be open to talking about it. Changes in your body and hormones over time will have you wanting different things. Try new things. Read, explore, get an adult toy and have some fun.


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