Erotica – Exploration & self-pleasure with my Pretty in Pink Pack

I am at home alone today with my Mojoco Pretty in Pink Pack. It feels strange to be dedicating time to self-pleasure but also something I really feeI I need. It has been ages since I’ve had a decent orgasm. I want the release but more than that I want to connect with myself.

While the bath is running I stand naked in front of the mirror. The glow of the candle light is kind to my shape. I decided to play a game with myself. Instead of focusing on my flaws, I look for the things I love about my body. Initially I find this process challenging but it becomes easier. The length of my neck, my belly button, my mouth…The more I acknowledge, the more I find to appreciate.

I sprinkle some of my new Mojoco organic massage oil into the water. The scent is delicious. As I drop my body into the warm water I instantly relax. After a while soaking I want to touch my body. Firstly I give my shoulders a rub and then I move my hands towards my nipples circling with the tips of my fingers until they go hard. I can feel my body livening up to the sensations. I place my hand on my vulva softly stroking myself. I know I can come quickly if I try but that’s not what this is about. I  stay in the bath for another 5 minutes building the tension.

I dry off and place my soft new cotton robe on my warm naked body. My bed is awaiting me and so is my WeVibe Tango! Relaxed yet feeling the adrenaline of arousal I turn on my toy. I buzz my nipples and around the entrance of my vagina. Now my clitoris and I scream out in pleasure. I slide the tango into my vagina pinpointing my g-spot while I massage my clit with the other hand. I’m on the edge. Determined for more I remove both my hands and wait breathing. After 5 breaths I go again. Repeating the process until I can’t wait any longer……Heaven! Now I think I might enjoy a little snooze.