Erotica – Role Play

When I saw this babydoll lingerie set online I thought role play for sure. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time dressed up for bed in the 1950s. I know Tom is going to be back late tonight and I’ve asked him to come straight upstairs. I hear the door close. He’s home! I fuss around and lay on the bed sideways supporting my head with the mesh of the babydoll opening to expose my stomach.

He reaches the door. ‘Oh honey your home’ I say. He smirks and walks towards me dropping his backpack (a briefcase would have been better but lets continue). Kicking his shoes off he jumps on the bed and kisses me. It’s slow and deep. I’m excited and I can tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he is too.

I sit up a bit and take of his jacket and then start unbuttoning he shirt. He frantically removes his pants leaving just his jocks. I push him onto his back and start kissing down his body. As I remove his jocks he moans and his body almost convulses. ‘Your killing me babe’ he says. I want to tease him. I wrap my lips around his large penis. I love controlling his pleasure. ‘Stop, I have to have you’ he begs. ‘Ok but on my terms’ I say.

I stand over him on the bed and remove my g-string dropping it on his face. Keeping the babydoll on I kneel one leg on either side of his body and slowly push my vulva down his body until I reach his penis. I play with myself and him by not quite letting him enter me. Our eyes lock, we’re ready……