Yoni Egg Nephrite Jade Medium Size

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The yoni egg is used similarly to kegel balls but also provides a deeper spiritual affect. Nephrite Jade is the original stone used for yoni egg practice by women in China as it is the perfect balance of Yin/Yang. Nephrite Jade is recommended specifically for yoni egg practice because it is a high quality, non-porous and extraordinarily dense (heavy) stone. It has healing qualities that are particularly beneficial for emotional balance and relationship stability.


Sal – ‘Even with the string attached I felt a bit nervous about this one. I was pleasantly surprised. I find it easier to insert than kegel balls and quite like the natural feeling of the density of the stone. I was hesitant to stock yoni eggs as I’ve read lots about the dangers surrounding the wrong sort of eggs being used. Talking to specialists in the field I have discovered that using GIA certified Nephrite Jade eggs from Canada are the best of the best as they are naturally non-porous therefore do not absorb moisture and cause infection.’

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I picked up my new yoni egg from my window sill…..

I picked up my new yoni egg from my window sill. Like I had been told by many friends, I had let it sit overnight in the moonlight so it could recharge with good intentions. The Nephrite Jade was mean to be a revitalising and healing stone, which I loved because this year I vowed to focus on myself and my sexual wellness. This was the first step. I had used kegel balls before, so I thread through some unwaxed dental floss through the small holes at the smaller tip of my yoni egg, crawled into my bed with my favourite candles lit, and softly put some of my coconut lube on the egg and my labia. Then I inserted the egg , allowing her to spread her good energy through my sacred womb area, all the while strengthening my pelvic muscles. It was such an exhilerating, calm, and powerful sensation. After my first session, I couldn't wait to do it again the next night.

The ins and outs

You will need some unwaxed, non-flavoured dental floss to put through the drilled hole to help take it out. It is then inserted just like a tampon with the smaller end pointing down using organic lube - you shouldn't feel any discomfort.

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Some benefits listed below include:
A deeper connection with your Yoni
Strengthening the pelvic floor
Improved bladder control
Increased pleasure for you and your partner
Heal emotional trauma
Reduce severity of menstrual cramping

Size – 30mm x 40mm
Origin –Canada
Colour –Dark Green
Characteristics –Shiny, silk smooth, heavy and dense
GIA Certified and of the highest quality

Pack contents:
Yoni Egg Nephrite Jade Medium
User guide
Microfiber storage pouch

Cleansing crystals:
Once you receive your Yoni Egg and Pocket Crystals it is important to wash it in hot but not boiling water with natural soap (intimate organics tea tree toy cleaner would work well but any natural soap is ok). Crystals & stones absorb energy so although we have loved and cared for your crystal at Mojoco from the moment it arrived it has had a life before us. There are a few options to cleanse it energetically (and regularly) but we advise;
Moonlight, especially on a full moon
Sea water
Use sage (smudging) and set an intention
Please perform this process regularly as it is good to reset your stone. Just like it is important to reset ourselves.

Product Disclaimer:
Due to the nature of crystals and gemstones, each yoni egg will be different in colour and patterns. Occasionally, yoni eggs may have natural external blemishes called inclusions; these ever so tiny surface nicks are normal.

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