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Green Tea Tree Oil Foaming Adult Toy Cleaner from Intimate Organics safely and thoroughly cleans all plastic, silicone, glass and stainless steel toys, without the use of Triclosan, paraben, alcohol or other harsh chemicals.


Sal – ‘This would be my first choice for a sex toy cleaner. It’s all natural, easy to use and soft in smell and texture.’


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4 hot tips on how to have a happy vagina

A healthy and happy vagina makes a world of difference to the happiness of women in their every day life. There’s nothing worse than feeling irritated and sore, and so it’s vital that we know how to look after our vagina and vulva so that it’s in optimum health. Here’s four simple ways you can maintain a happy vagina every single day:

1. Only select natural products if you’re going to put them anywhere near your vagina and vulva

I’m talking about skin care products (such as body wash), body moisturiser, massage oil, lubricant, and even clothes washing liquid. Any product that you use that goes anywhere near your vulva and vagina can have a huge impact on your health. Many women complain of feeling irritated and yet, when they begin using organic soap-free body wash, the irritation clears within days.

The ins and outs

Spray directly onto pleasure products both prior to use, and afterward. Wipe away excess fluid. Not intended as a personal moisturizer (do not use internally).

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This unique toy cleaner is infused with the natural cleaning ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, and Intimate Organic’s trademarked natural anti-bacterial ingredient Guava Bark. We offer a foaming toy cleaner that had a natural anti-bacterial agent in it, which is Triclosan free and alcohol free, making it as gentle as possible on every type of toy material, as well as the human skin.


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