Sex in the shower – Suction Handcuffs


This is too good! Whoever thought this up is a genius. The ‘sex in the shower’ range is fabulous and actually quite practical. If you’ve ever tried to have sex in the shower it can be complicated and well basically just pretty uncomfortable. Not anymore! 

These suction handcuffs are about as sexy as it gets. Envision water, steam and your man suctioned to the wall while you practice some other suction…..Team up with suction foot and handle grip and you’ll have yourself a crazy session. 

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5 sexy moves to add spice to your sex life…

There’s a common goal of couples I see in therapy – particularly women. They want more sex, but they also want the sex they’re having to be more playful, enjoyable and exciting.
Let’s be honest – over time, our sex lives can become a little… routine. We’re often tired and feel short on time when we get into bed. Children, responsibilities and a social life mean that spontaneous encounters become less frequent.
As familiarity develops with a partner, we can become shy about trying new things – or just forget to keep changing things up and experimenting.
We lose spark, spontaneity and desire.
We fall into a sex rut.
So how do we pull ourselves out and rekindle the excitement?
Regaining spark and spice doesn’t need to involve big changes – or wild experiments. Small things can help bring the variety, fun and playfulness back to your bedroom.


Ins and outs

Take turns. Perhaps make your partner closer their eyes. Have fun! Play a little or a lot! Don't take yourself too seriously..

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Industrial strength suction cups with neoprene and Velcro closure cuffs attached.
Works on most smooth surfaces and tiles measuring at least 4 inches (10.16cm)
Also works on windows, glass doors, car window, kitchen counter or any smooth surface.
Ingredients: Neoprene, polypropylene, rubber, Velcro
Includes: 1 Pair of neoprene cuffs with Velcro closures

Remember to use water-based lubricant with our couples sex toys as most oil-based lubricants react unfavourably with silicone. We recommend YES organic lube.


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