Orgasm Unleashed – Eyal Matsliah


In this groundbreaking book, Orgasm Unleashed, women are given a holistic model for pleasuring, healing, and empowering themselves to become deeply orgasmic. Sexual healer, coach, and public speaker, Eyal Matsliah presents a practical and “hands-on” guide for women to feel more connected to their bodies, femininity, and sexuality. 

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This book is AMAZING! I've been working with women's sexuality professionally for 4 years now, and this is the first time I'm reading a sexuality book and actually agreeing with it all... Eyal knows his stuff, has done his research, but more importantly has actually experienced what he's writing about with his clients... the tools and techniques he recommends are tried, tested and proven to result in deep, blissful, ecstatic orgasmic states, release of tension and trauma, empowerment, self-love, confidence and amazing sex!
This book redefines orgasm and what is possible for women - letting go of the narrow clitoral only focus and expanding that view to embrace a vast and infinite universe of orgasmic bliss. It reads beautifully, flows well and just makes sense... lots of practical methods to start using straight away to open up to your full orgasmic potential! Enjoy!

The ins and outs

The fundamental message in this transformative book is that a woman can lead her own sexual revolution. She will learn to reach deep, fulfilling orgasms on her own, a masterful skill that she can later share with her partner or lover. Orgasm Unleashed reveals: - The one technique that makes any woman orgasm within a few weeks of practice - How to experience multiple orgasms and over twenty types of orgasms—the clitoris is just the beginning - How to experience a ONE-HOUR ORGASM - And the list goes on! Whatever stage a woman is at—whether she is already multi-orgasmic or has yet to feel the bliss of an orgasm—her experience of sexuality will transform.

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Orgasm Unleashed will teach her to become sexually self-sufficient and leave any woman feeling completely and totally satisfied. It might even change her life.

“This book contains genuine wisdom about female sexuality and female orgasmic pleasure. As a female reader, I loved how encouraging the tone of the book is and how much permission-giving there is embedded throughout the book. Even at first glance I learned things I did not know about my body and my orgasmic potential and I felt encouraged to explore things I had wondered about and things I had never even considered.” ~Louise

“As a man reading Orgasm Unleashed, this book provided valuable insights into female sexuality, and helped rewire my perspective and my relationship to women’s pleasure. Our sex education in the West is rubbish. It’s about time as mature adults that we step up to the plate, take the reigns and actually start to learn and embody these teachings and gain a much better understanding and embodiment of our sexuality ” ~Anonymous

Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Intimate Power (September 20, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0994414919
ISBN-13: 978-0994414915
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches