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The Je Joue Ami is an elegant kegel ball set which not only look and feel incredible but are easy to clean. The 3 varied shapes/weights allow you to start slow and progress at your own pace. The Je Joue Ami are a must in your sexual journey as pelvic muscle strengthening affords numerous health benefits such as enhanced sensitivity, more intense and easy-to-achieve orgasms, a tighter grip around your man, improved bladder control, pre & post vaginal work surrounding pregnancy and enhanced natural lubrication during menopause.


Sal – ‘The Je Joue Ami are my pick of the kegel balls I’ve used thus far. Aesthetically they’re definitely a stand out but I’ve also found the varying weights and sizes very handy especially post bubba.’

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What are kegel balls?

Let’s start with your kegel muscle (pubococcygeneus). You know that feeling when you really need to wee and your holding on like mad. The kegel muscle is what is stopping you from urinating. Both men and women have kegel muscles but in this instance we are focusing on women. As we get older, have babies etc this muscle weakens and like every other muscle in our bodies we have to work to look after it, kegel balls help you to do this.

Listed below are some of the benefits of keeping your kegel muscle strong:

Sex first!
- Increased sensitivity leading to more intense sexual arousal

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The ins and outs

Use daily to increase and intensify your orgasms.
Seamless, body-safe silicone is soft to touch and easy to clean.

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Waterproof – 100%
Material – Body-safe silicone
Warranty – 1 year warranty

Ami 1
A large, soft and lightweight single ball
11.1 cm long x 3.6 cm diameter
47 grams

Ami 2
A medium sized double ball that’s still soft yet slightly heavier
15.6 cm long x 3.2 cm diameter
78 grams

Ami 3
A small hard and heavy double ball
14.2 cm long x 2.8 cm diameter
106 grams

Pack contents:
3 x Ami kegel balls

Remember to use water-based lubricant with our womens sex toys as most oil-based lubricants react unfavourably with silicone. We recommend YES organic lube.

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