How To Pleasure The Woman Of Your Dreams

Women are a somewhat complicated species, right? I should know because I’ve dated women and wow, it gave me a really good insight into what men deal with on a daily basis. This is not to say we are not absolute f*cking Goddesses and deserve the utmost respect and love, ‘cos we do … but let’s be honest and acknowledge that men can’t always read our minds or our bodies. So, gentleman, here’s three simple pleasure tips that will go a long way next time you’re getting naked with the woman of your dreams:

#1 Be present with your woman

I know, I know, you were expecting a raunchy sex tip … but reality is us woman just LOVE a truly present man. A man who can sit in stillness and be completely present with himself and his woman. He can look her in the eye and feel comfortable holding her gaze. He’s genuinely interested in what she has to say and holds space for her to be true and vulnerable with her presence and words. Learning to be present and holding a healthy masculine energy is the first step to pleasuring the woman of your dreams. And when you learn to hold that healthy masculine energy, your woman will be able to surrender into her feminine (and this is when the magic happens).

#2 Go SLOW

And by slow, I mean super slow. Slow motion. One kiss at a time. Take the time to warm us up. Remember, unlike men, women need a lot of time to warm up before they can have a penis anywhere near their pussy. So I recommend teasing and tantalising your woman with kisses, gentle touch, firm touch, oral sex (but don’t go straight for the pussy, tease her with your tongue and make her beg for it), fingering etc etc. Do not enter a woman if she isn’t wet … keep it slow and tease her and before long she’s be begging for you to enter her.

#3 Give without expecting anything in return

That’s right gentleman, give to your woman without expecting anything in return. Worship her like a f*cking Goddess … worship her spirit, her body, her pussy, her everything. Remember to drop into your healthy masculine and she will surrender to your presence and your touch. Do not expect that ‘if I give her head, she’ll then give me head’ etc, instead simply pleasure her for the sake of pleasure’s sake and without attachment to outcomes or orgasm expectations. Enjoy pleasuring every little piece of her and she will love you for it. Trust me on this one.

Written By Sexologist Juliet Allen

Juliet-allanAbout Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website