Lesbian Erotica – Playtime with you

Lesbian Erotica

We take turns and tonight it was my night to put on the entertainment. We had already had a bath together so the tension was high. Sarah lay on the bed while I remained in the bathroom to get ready. I put on my new black full lace teddy and grabbed our mini vibe (the Ovo D5). I pressed play to my favourite playlist, sexy jazz, and sensually moved my way into the bedroom and towards the bed. We kissed passionately but I wasn’t to get distracted.

I asked Sarah to lay back on the pillow. I was kneeling on the bed facing her. I turned on the mini vibe, sucked it and ran it down the deep v of my teddy pushing the lace aside and teasing my left nipple that went hard instantly.

From there I let the vibrator run down my body back over the lace fabric and towards my vulva. I moved from a kneeling position onto my back with my vulva facing her. Snap, I unclipped the clip crotch of my lace teddy exposing my wet vagina. I brought our mini vibe over my clitoris and into my vagina. I shivered with pleasure. I felt Sarah’s hand on mine as she took over the vibe. The rest is skin on skin, desire, kissing vibrations and oh so many orgasms….