Our Mission

Mojoco’s foundation was based on wanting to create a comfortable space for women to explore their sensual side. We still believe wholeheartedly in the importance of valuing and nurturing your sexuality. We are here to find products that make you feel good in every way. Explore all of yourself….

Meet Sal

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always challenged the ‘why’. I am a believer of sensuality and connectedness, in all aspects of life. I am a genuine lover of love, whether it be falling or making. I celebrate the simple intimacy of skin against skin and I believe all women should experience the empowering feeling of exploring their own pleasure.

our values & promises

We are here to cut through the uncomfortable and unrelatable experiences most sensual shops deliver. To build out the most highly curated shop on the market, we’ve always stuck to our values. We built these virtues upon the belief that sex is simply a normal thing, so the place you purchase these items should be real and approachable. We did all of this with the hopes of encouraging you to explore yourself, so that you can have
more (and better) sensual experiences.