Mojoco goes bush (pun intended…)

I’ve just come back from taking Mojoco on an outback adventure. I was asked to attend an event called ‘Country Channel Ladies Day’ organised by an incredible group of women who live in rural Queensland. The slogan for the weekend is ‘inspiration in isolation’ and what an inspiration the event is. The purpose of the event is to provide women in western QLD the opportunity to connect socially with other women, discuss issues associated with living in isolated areas, form friendships, increase emotional wellbeing and experience new things that would otherwise be hard, if not impossible, to source locally. 

I travelled on a 12-person charter flight with much of the entertainment for the weekend onboard. Before we landed I already felt connected to the wonderful group of talented people joining me on this experience. All of us were in some form of nervous excited anticipation, bonded by our proximity and our joint goal to provide a mix of education, entertainment and fun. 

First impressions

Arriving on the airstrip in Jundah (a small rural community in the middle of QLD) we were greeted by three jovial women in 4WD’s. We were given a tour of the town that took about 3 minutes and headed to the racetrack where the event was being held. Although I was brought up in a small rural town in NSW the vast flat red dirt landscape was very new to me and the feeling that you were a long way from anywhere was both unnerving and exhilarating. 

A large marquee was set up alongside the racetrack shed and that was the main facility for the weekend. There were long lines of tents that were our beds for the weekend and, I must note, a very fancy amenities block. 

I could write endlessly about every segment of the weekend as there is so much to tell but let me focus back to what I was there for – to chat female pleasure and share why I believe it’s so important, plus give women a chance to purchase some Mojoco goodies. The ‘pleasure store’ was open at night time. On Friday night I set up all the products I managed to bring with me on the plane on a single table, got myself a wine and just as I went to sit down the first person arrived for a chat. From that moment on I didn’t get a chance to sit down as more and more women came past. I was overwhelmed by the response and loved everyone’s enthusiasm, openness and excitement. A lot of women expressed interest in coming to my workshop the next day and everyone was so welcoming that it helped calm my nerves.

Time to talk female pleasure!

My largest audience yet! A round table with an array of sex toys set up on the red dirt with about 30 smiling faces aged 25 to 75. Time to begin…an overwhelming feeling of women supporting women. My nerves dropped almost instantly as I told my story to a room full of women who enjoy a good yarn and exude empathy and understanding. There was lots of curiosity, eyes that tell-all and plenty of laughs and giggles. That night when I opened up my one table shop I was inundated with women. 

The wrap up

One of the main takeaways for me is that we as women experience many of the same things even though our lifestyles may be very different. This is true across the board but of course I will relate it to our sexuality. We all drift sexually from our partners over time for whatever reason. We all have felt shame or guilt at some point about our sexuality. Sex, orgasms or general self-pleasure is something we all ponder about and have interest in. Sharing my very ‘normal’ story with this amazing group of country women made me feel even more passionate about the importance of sharing the message that it’s ok to nurture your sexual wellbeing. In fact its more than ok, it’s very important to who we are. 

As I stepped off the plane and said my goodbyes to a beautiful group of people I felt grateful to have been part of something so special. Despite my exhausted body as I jumped into the car I had a burst of energy and let out a loud ‘yee ha’!

Thank you to the ladies of the Channel Country!

I also wanted to make special mention of two ladies that supported and inspired me through the weekend.

Ellen Briggs – An equally fabulous women as she is comedian. Currently touring a show call Women Like Us. Get to a show near you and like the Facebook Page for some classic content.

Taryn Brumfitt – A kind, caring women with an empowering message. Founder of the Body Image Movement Taryn is all about positive body image. Through her story she is teaching women the value of loving their bodies including might I add our lovely vulvas! If you haven’t seen the movie Embrace get yourself a copy today.