How To Keep Your Mojo Alive On A Daily Basis


It’s the silent epidemic that most of will suffer from at some stage in our lives; loss of our mojo (aka sex drive). It’s a killer, especially when we are head over heels in love with our partner, and yet something in our mind and body clicks, and all-of-a-sudden we are literally sexless.


So, how do we keep our mojo alive on a daily basis? Well to be honest I think it’s completely normal and natural not to want sex every day, but I also think it’s not too big an ask to want to at least feel sexual daily (even if we don’t engage in the actual physical sex). Here’s a few simple ways you can do that:


Embrace your sexuality & deal with shame and guilt


We all carry shame and guilt surrounding our sexuality and drive for sex … but it’s now time to face the stuff that gets in the way of you feeling sexually empowered. This may mean heading to a sexuality coach or therapist, or chatting to your friends about how you are feeling. Shame and guilt can have a huge effect on the way we view sex and the depth to which we enjoy sex with our partner. It’s time to dive deep into your internal world and let go of limiting belief systems that you’ve possibly been carrying since childhood.


Look after your physical and mental health


If you’re feeling overweight and sluggish the last thing you’ll feel like doing is engaging in sex. Eat clean, this means choosing fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, avoiding excessive drinking and substances and exercising at least five times a week. Take care of your body and your appearance! Our mental health and physical health is intertwined, so make sure you’re looking after your mental health by talking about how you are feeling and not pushing down emotion.


Prioritise Sex


So many of us live busy lives and use the ‘busy’ excuse not to have sex. I don’t care how busy you are, sex has to be your priority and it’s so vital for connection when you’re in a committed relationship. Stop using the ‘busy’ excuse and make time for your lover!


Eat Maca


Maca is my secret superfood sex weapon! Known as ‘nature’s viagra’ this powerful root from the Amazon magically increases libido and vaginal lubrication. It’s also known to help men with erectile challenges. Buy Maca capsules or powder from your local health food store.



About Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website