International Women’s Day – Reflection

International Women’s Day – Reflection

Free to choose yet fragile in a world we have created. Alone it can be all consuming but together we are unstoppable.

On a day like to day it feels important to reflect on what it means to be a women. Below is a recent story that I think encompasses for me life as a women, good and bad.

A few days ago I had intense heartburn. Never had it before. It persisted and I thought perhaps I was pregnant. I’m on the pill but you hear stories of the unexpected third child navigating its way under all odds. Not pregnant. Went to the Doctor, nothing of note wrong. I woke up the next day and had this urge to cry and so I did uncontrollably for a while and with that my heartburn completely disappeared.

I will admit I’ve been under a bit of pressure – an unwell parent, running a business, two small children and a husband with an injured foot. This is just my life at the moment but I know we are all coping with our own stories. I try to departmentalise, be less emotional, commit to less but it’s never that simple. Part of it is me but part of it is being a woman and having the innate desire to control everything in a very whole-body way. 

On my crying day I thought what can I do today to pull myself out of this. The only thing I felt could bring me up was to see a good friend. Thankfully she was available and going to a yoga class. I thought I will go too….It’s been several years since I’ve gone to a yoga class. It was a rainy day and the class was situated at the top of a surf club overlooking the ocean. Not bad! I think I could have just lay in the room full of women for an hour and absorbed the energy and it would have been enough. I felt with each breath I was filling my body with strength again.

My dear friend felt my need for her and let me take over her day with cups of tea and a leisurely lunch. We were like naughty school girls wagging our responsibilities for the day. She was my rock but I knew the day was important for her too. We both needed the unexplainable light a good friendship brings.