International Parents Day – How to have a sex life once you become a parent

International Parents Day – How to have a sex life once you become a parent

There is no doubt that your sex life dramatically changes once you become a parent. Initially the hormones and lack of sleep are at fault and then the busyness of family life seems to take over and your sex life becomes bottom of the priority list.

What to do? Here are some ideas…

Place value on sex

This may sound a bit bizarre but unless you’re willing to change your thought patterns and give sex value it will always sit at the bottom of your list. Sex connects you and your partner. You are less snappy when those love hormones are zooming through your body. Sex breeds sex. The more you have the more you want. You will find you are more affectionate in general. Your kids will subconsciously notice this and feel more secure. See, it is important. Do it for the kids!

Schedule sex

Don’t pretend you are pre-kids and spontaneous sex is there for the taking most days. You need to put it in the diary. Ok so its not totally romantic but it can be quite fun. Build up the anticipation a bit. Take the time to send your partner a saucy message at lunchtime. Maybe buy some sexy lingerie.

Try new things

Be open to trying new things. Always communicate open and honestly with each other. Don’t get stuck in old habits just because they are exactly that old habits. Be a little adventurous. Maybe try a couples sex toy, sensual massage or a sex getaway!