Erotica – I reach for the little black box….

I reach for the little black box I’d been keeping as a surprise and show him what’s inside. He lunges for me with his whole body, but the knot I’ve tied around his hands with his T-shirt holds him to the chair. I move towards him, my lips just out of reach, and smile as he groans in anticipation.

Slowly, I pull the ring (tenga smart vibe) of my new toy around his penis and turn it on. I can instantly sense the pleasure it gives him… his orgasm will be so much more intense tonight. The gentle hum sends goosebumps up my skin, but I want to make this last as long as I can – I’ve been waiting for this moment all weekend.

I reach one hand around his neck, pulling his desperate mouth to my nipples and with the other I guide him inside me, so slowly. I’m taunting myself as much as him, because I know that the moment I feel the vibrator against me I’ll lose control completely.

Normally when I’m so aroused he can’t control his ejaculation but the sensation of the ring has enabled him to last longer. We smile at each other knowing, between us, what has just happened. A tender kiss as he pulls himself deeper inside me.