Erotic Short Story – Exploring our new home

Erotic Short Story

The boxes were still stacked in various rooms around our house, and though we knew the house was ours and the papers were signed, it still felt somewhat foreign. Of course, settling in might take a while, but it didn’t bother me, because it was him, and I, together and no matter where we were, we were home.

I had an idea of how I wanted to spend our first night…candles lit all over the house (since we hadn’t set up the electricity yet) and eating delivery pizza on the floor of our brand new bedroom. A mattress, piles of blankets, and each other – it was all we needed. Well, plus a few other special surprises that I already had delivered to the new address. It wouldn’t be long before we got lost in the craziness of unpacking, so this was our night to explore our first home…together

As he went to the door to pay for our pizza, I slipped into my new cotton robe, completely naked underneath.

He came into the bedroom and I had my back to him, preoccupied by lighting candles. I heard him set the pizza down and walk towards me. He spun me around and looked me up and down, with a look in his eye one could only imagine, and slowly untied the loose knot of my robe. His fingers traced my collar bone, then he reached for the edges of my robe and he pulled it off my shoulders, the robe dropped to the floor. He grabbed me around the waist, dipping me to the floor and kissed me hard, harder than he ever had before.

I thought we might collapse onto the bed, but he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. As he walked out of the room I whispered in his ear, grab the small box by the bed. He leaned down, still firmly holding me with one arm, as he picked my little surprise and carried me out of the room.

My heart was racing, where was he going to take me? Were we about to fuck in our new double shower? No…too predictable, he went  towards the kitchen, the orange evening light was barely streaming in through the windows.

He bit my neck as he lowered me down onto our new kitchen island.

The cold granite beneath my bum and his tongue tracing my ear lobes sent shivers up my spine. He set the box behind me and I reached for it arching my back. He groaned and slide me even closer, I could feel his hard erection through his pyjama pants, pressing on me to the point where I could hardly wait for it to be inside of me.

I pulled the box from behind me, and set it in between us.

I looked up at him and told him to take his pants off. He obeyed. I could tell, just from that one command, he was hornier than I had ever seen him. His curiosity obviously taking over his mind, wondering what I had in store for him. But, with this new found sense of command, and his obedience, I decided I would make him work for the surprise.

This time, I put my arm behind his neck and pulled his ear to my mouth. I asked him how badly he wanted me, he made a low, rumbling growling sound that made my toes curl. His hands were pressed firmly against the countertop, I could see his muscles tensing. Knowing he was would devour me if I made him wait one more second, I teased him even more. What can I say? I loved the power.

I placed my hand on his shaft and told him if he wanted to see what was in the box, he needed to put his fingers inside of me. He did as I said, firstly putting them on my clit, rubbing me slowly, and then inserting them inside of me.

The pleasure was taking over my body, and he knew it, whispering to me, “Baby, you’re so wet.”

He took his fingers out and used how wet I was, to put his ease his index finger inside of my bum. The sensation felt incredible. That’s when I told him, “Get on the counter.” I hopped down, telling him to lay down where I was sitting.

He got up and laid down on our large kitchen island, the cool granite now on his back. I jumped up and got on top of him. Placing my body on his and rubbing his shaft in between my legs, when we were both wet enough I put his hard penis inside of me. Riding him slowly, at first. Then faster. I moved my hand towards my clit, put my head back and began moaning. He firmly grabbed my waist, holding me tight, so he could move quickly in and out of me. I began touching myself again, this time I was close to the edge of climaxing, I adjusted myself so that he was hitting my g spot as we fucked. I told him I was about to come, his grip became even firmer and moments later we both came. Out of breath and smiling, I leaned down and grabbed his face, gliding my tongue on his lips.

“Now, it’s your turn to be in control,” I said.

“What do you mean?” he said.

I opened the mysterious box and handed him a remote.

He looked at me in that same way I described before, like he could say anything, open his mouth, kiss me, touch me with a single finger and I would melt.

”Go to the lounge room,” he demanded.

Our couch was still wrapped in plastic, he unwrapped it as I put the new vibrator (svakom elva) inside of me. Before he was even done with unwrapping the couch, he pressed the button on the remote I handed him moments before, I shuddered as the vibrations filled my entire body with sensation.

“Sit down.” He instructed.

After I climaxed at least too many times to count…we were both breathless and began putting our pyjamas back on. I think we fucked in every room of our nearly empty house.

We walked into our bedroom, the pizza now cold, “This will be fun when we’re unpacking tomorrow,” he laughed, putting the remote in his pocket.

I looked at him inquisitively, and then realised exactly what he meant. He wanted to hold on to the controller as I kept the vibrator inside of me, while we unpacked. So that he could inconspicuously send me into an orgasmic state, when I least expected it. In that very moment, I smiled, knowing I had just moved into a beautiful, now christened, home with my perfect match.