Playtime with you - Lesbian Erotica

Lesbian Erotica

We take turns and tonight it was my night to put on the entertainment. We had already had a bath together so the tension was high. Sarah lay on the bed while I remained in the bathroom to get ready. I put on my new black full lace teddy and grabbed our mini vibe (the Ovo D5). I pressed play to my favourite playlist, sexy jazz, and sensually moved my way into the bedroom and towards the bed. We kissed passionately but I wasn’t to get distracted.

I asked Sarah to lay back on the pillow. I was kneeling on the bed facing her. I turned on the mini vibe, sucked it and ran it down the deep v of my teddy pushing the lace aside and teasing my left nipple that went hard instantly.

From there I let the vibrator run down my body back over the lace fabric and towards my vulva. I moved from a kneeling position onto my back with my vulva facing her. Snap, I unclipped the clip crotch of my lace teddy exposing my wet vagina. I brought our mini vibe over my clitoris and into my vagina. I shivered with pleasure. I felt Sarah’s hand on mine as she took over the vibe. The rest is skin on skin, desire, kissing vibrations and oh so many orgasms….

Role play - Erotica

When I saw this babydoll lingerie set online I thought role play for sure. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time dressed up for bed in the 1950s. I know Tom is going to be back late tonight and I’ve asked him to come straight upstairs. I hear the door close. He’s home! I fuss around and lay on the bed sideways supporting my head with the mesh of the babydoll opening to expose my stomach.

He reaches the door. ‘Oh honey your home’ I say. He smirks and walks towards me dropping his backpack (a briefcase would have been better but lets continue). Kicking his shoes off he jumps on the bed and kisses me. It’s slow and deep. I’m excited and I can tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he is too.

I sit up a bit and take of his jacket and then start unbuttoning he shirt. He frantically removes his pants leaving just his jocks. I push him onto his back and start kissing down his body. As I remove his jocks he moans and his body almost convulses. ‘Your killing me babe’ he says. I want to tease him. I wrap my lips around his large penis. I love controlling his pleasure. ‘Stop, I have to have you’ he begs. ‘Ok but on my terms’ I say.

I stand over him on the bed and remove my g-string dropping it on his face. Keeping the babydoll on I kneel one leg on either side of his body and slowly push my vulva down his body until I reach his penis. I play with myself and him by not quite letting him enter me. Our eyes lock, we’re ready……

Sensual Kissing - Erotica

Kiss me!

The candle light was flickering as I put on my new teddy.

The soft fabric glided across my freshly showered body. I took my hair out of its hair tie and lay on the bed.

I heard the shower turn off and waited in anticipation. What a picture, a towel around his waist and a few water droplets rolling down his neck onto his large shoulders.

He walked towards me. When he reach the bottom of the bed the towel slid from around his waist as he kneeled to kiss the top of my foot, my knee, my inner thigh, my vulva, stomach, neck and then deeply onto my mouth.

A rush of adrenaline flowed through me and I wanted to take control.

We flipped positions and it was my turn to kiss him. I was consumed by the taste of him.

As our tongues moved from needy and frantic to soft and delicate I felt his hands tighten around my waist.

Our bond deepened along with our desire.

Sensual fiction

Sex Getaway - Erotica

The anticipation was building and so was our sexual energy.


It’s the morning of your planned weekend away. Diary reads blah blah blah 5pm sex getaway! You wriggle in your seat. Was that your libido? I think it was. You realise the tension is building. You’re excited. Ping! A text message from him ‘Did you put sex getaway in my diary? I like it! See you at 5pm. Love you x’. You haven’t even arrived and already you feel more connected.


There’s a knock at the door. Postman. What’s this? When she flips it over to see who it’s from she still has no idea. Off goes the packaging. It reads Mojoco. Well it’s elegant, looks a bit like a shoe box. Who would be sending me shoes? A note “For you, for us, for the weekend x”. If she was excited before she now feels elevated.


Giggling, behaving like teenagers they fumbled to open the door.


She had her hand on his lap all the way there. He was already hard so she went in to get the key from reception. After months of sex feeling like a chore they couldn’t wait to mess up the crisp white sheets. The first time was quick, full of a need and desire deeper than the deed itself.


They’d arrived in such a fluster that they hadn’t stopped to survey their surroundings. There was a large opening looking onto a glorious bath. No words were spoken as he stood naked and walked to turn on the hot water.


A decision was made….Let’s skip dinner and order room service.


She lay in bed a little longer as it was a vision to her just watching him. He fussed around preparing. Out came the red wine. The bubbles started to rise. Why go out tonight when all they needed was right here.


All the problems of home seem to dissolve as he wrapped her arms around her. Could they stay like this forever?


A kiss that could kill!


As the bath started to cool down she could feel him moving underneath her. They rose, wet from the water, and enjoyed touching each other. He pulled her hard into him and kissed her with such intensity she almost cried. Not because it hurt but because it was still there that feeling of desire. She wanted him. Her sex drive hadn’t left her body entirely.


The surprise Mojoco box comes out…


They dry each other off. Back to those crisp crumpled sheets. She lights the candle. He grabs the massage oil. Back first, slowly down to the buttox and then the inner thigh. She screams out desperate for him to be inside her. Not yet. A light humming noise. She flips over. He runs the vibrating toy down her body and on to her clit. It’s too much and then its not. This is so much fun.


Touch, moan, licking, stroking, more, more, more


She grabs him whole and guides him to enter her. They both can’t remember a time it felt so right. There were slow sensual moments mixed with strong deep pleasure. When it was over they lay there in the after glow. Thirty seconds later the door bell rings. Food, the food. They’d forgotten all about that.


The weekend continues in much the same way and by Sunday 10am this couple who thought  their sex life was dwindling felt revitalised, reconnected and ready to take some of the spark they found on their sex getaway home.