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International Kissing Day - It all started with a kiss...

We're celebrating International Kissing Day with a post dedicated to kissing. Because, kissing is just great, plain and simple! Check out some of these fun facts and adorable first kiss stories some of our fans submitted.

What do kissing and cocaine have in common?

They both have the ability to make you feel euphoric and this in itself can be addictive.

Kissing and relationships

In the dating game when chatting amongst friends how often do you hear the words ‘bad kisser’? Is it a deal breaker?

For women more than men, yes it can be. Kissing is a very important factor for humans in selecting their mate. Scientifically their are signals relating to pheromones, health and immunity compatibility. From a more superficial/physical point of you if you don’t like the kiss are you going to like the next phase?

Research has also shown that there is a strong link between how content people are in a relationship and how much the kiss. That being said it is one of the first things to go. So if you haven’t kissed your partner in a while, get kissing!

Kissing and health

Kissing help build up your immunity. It reduces stress, anxiety and relaxes you.

Kissing and communication

When it’s hard to know how to express yourself a kiss can do the talking for you. They way you kiss your Mum, partner or child are all very different but there is an unspoken meaning to all. Who doesn’t love to be kissed?

More fun facts on kissing!

  1. When you kiss someone for the first time, you get a spike in the neurotransmitter dopamine, making you crave more. (via Buzzfeed)

  2. Two thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss. (via Buzzfeed)

  3. According to biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, we tend to prefer people with particular biological profiles. Trading saliva is one way to figure out if someone is a good fit.

  4. French kissing involves 34 facial muscles. A pucker kiss involves only two. (via Fact Retriever

  5. The term “French kiss” came into the English language around 1923 as a slur on the French culture which was thought to be overly concerned with sex. In France, it’s called a tongue kiss or soul kiss because if done right, it feels as if two souls are merging. In fact, several ancient cultures thought that mouth-to-mouth kissing mingled two lovers’ souls. (via Fact Retriever

  6. Scientists believe that kissing may be a way of exchanging body salts or sebum that form relationships with parents and lovers, just as it does some birds. During mating, some birds chew food, then kiss-feed it to a prospective mate. If a bird’s sebaceous glands are removed so there is no sebum, its mate flies off.  (via Fact Retriever

  7. Passionate kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. A Hershey’s kiss contains 26 calories, which takes five minutes of walking–or about four minutes of kissing–to burn off. Who wants to workout? (via Fact Retriever

  8. The average person spends at least two weeks of their life kissing. OH! We'll take that over going to work any day. (via Fact Retriever

  9. Most people remember their first kiss quite vividly, often more vividly than their first time having sex!  Which seems true in some of our #kissstories you can find below! John Bohannon of Butler University asked 500 people about their memories of important life experiences, including their first kiss and losing their virginity. The kiss beat everything as the most detailed memory. (via Buzzfeed)



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Unspoken words
"I was 13 and at a friends house party. My eyes met with a tall, broad guy, he was just my type. The unspoken words led us to oneanother that night. He took my hand and led me to the pool area. With butterflies in my stomach, we sat together on a pool chair. The kiss wasn’t tentative like you’d expect, but passionate. We were teanagers, thirsty to know more. A couple of years later we saw eachother again and had a similar encounter. Now as friends who occassionally bump into eachother there is something still there, something unspoken, something special." - Amanda

Lost for words
"I was on my first date with my now boyfriend, I was in the MIDDLE of a sentence when he grabbed my face and kissed me, quite passionately. He then smiled and said, "Sorry I just had to do that." He was absolutely forgiven. Probably one of my favorutie kisses ever." - Jess

Teenage troubles
"I spent my teenage years by the beach, all day until the sun set all summer long. I was about to head off on a big trip and had a huge crush on a boy, my mom was on her way to get me, so we both clearly felt pressured to act quickly! He kissed me goodbye and we definitely missed each other's lips! It was so horribly awkward, all of my friends were watching from behind a fence near the beach, ooh'ing and ahh'ing, when my mom pulled up! I was traumatised! Not the cutest first kiss, but I'll never forget it!" - Emily

Deprived desires
"I had just spent months talking to a guy long distance and we finally met up in person! I was actually staying at his house, crazy I know, we watched a movie and we were going to sleep in his bed, I was SO nervous, I wanted to kiss him, and he wasn't making the move! I couldn't believe it. Finally, I turned around and kissed him and he said "Thank god you did that, I didn't want to creep you out!" We ended up dating, living together, and loving each other for three years following that!"  - Julia

casual sex vs long term relationships

Casual Sex Vs. Long Term Relationships: Is One Better Than The Other?

Is there a right or wrong way to relate sexually? Is there a right or wrong way to be in intimate relationship with others? The answer is no. There’s no rights and wrongs, there’s only what feels right for you.

Let’s be honest, what feels right for you may not look like a traditional long-term monogamous relationship. It may feel better to be in a string of casual love affairs, or a polyamorous relationship, whereby you have more than one intimate partner, or perhaps you want to marry and settle down forever? Whatever it is you want and desire, you can have it, and you are worthy of it.

Today I’m focusing on ‘casual sex’ vs ‘long term relationships’, because these are two situations most of us are familiar with and often we can get caught up in the ‘should I commit, or should I just enjoy being single?’ conundrum.

Casual sex is when people sleep together and enjoy intimacy and sex, but with no strings attached. This can definitely work, but I believe it can only be a healthy experience if both people are honest about what they want. A casual sex setup can be a whole lot of fun, because it basically means you meet up, no strings attached, enjoy each other’s company, enjoy sex … and then continue on with life without the commitment of relationship.

Where casual sex can go pear shaped is when there’s no clear communication about expectations … so what often happens is one person gets attached, and the other doesn’t want the commitment. So there’s possibility for a little heartache if there’s an imbalance with what both people want and feel. But on the other hand, casual sex can turn into a beautiful love between two people, and often the most casual situations have evolved into beautiful relationships.

The there’s the long term monogamous relationship. Two people who come together and agree that they love and adore each other enough to commit to just being with each other. This is the most common way of negotiating relationship and I believe it can be a chance for the biggest growth as individuals. Don’t get me wrong, long term monogamous relationships are often challenging, because unlike casual sex, we spend a whole lot more time together, and so our ‘stuff’ comes up and we are forced to deal with our shit so that we can make the relationship work. Long term relationships are beautiful and ultimately being ‘chosen’ by our partner is what we all yearn for at some stage in our lives.

So, is there one better than the other? No. My suggestion is that you feel into what’s right for you … this comes with experiencing both situations and getting an idea of what you want. You may find that what you thought you wanted will change … perhaps you thought you wanted casual sex, but now you want a relationship with that person. Or you wanted the relationship, and now you’re thinking about sex with other people. Whatever the situation, embrace it, and know that you are not alone in this journey.


About Juliet

Juliet-allanJuliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer. She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website

Mutual masturbation

Mutual Masturbation 101: A Guide For Lovers & Self-Pleasure Enthusiasts

Mutual masturbation is when two people masturbate in each other’s presence. Perhaps you are both positioned on opposite sides of the room, or you’re alongside each other kissing, or you’re on opposite sides of the world, watching and listening via a screen. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, what matters is that you experience and embrace mutual masturbation as a regular practice with your lover/s.

Mutual masturbation can be a huge turn on for all people involved (because let’s face it, there can always be more than two people involved, if you’re into that). Here’s a few tips on how to make it the hottest experience possible:

Firstly, make sure everyone involved loves solo masturbation

To be completely comfortable with mutual masturbation, you must first be super comfortable with solo self-pleasure. Practice self-pleasure alone until you are really comfortable and at ease with your own body and touch. This will ensure you are 100% comfortable being watched, plus you’ll be more comfortable watching your lover/s get all hot and heavy with themselves.

Set boundaries

Perhaps all your lover wants tonight is mutual masturbation. So, communicate prior if you want to leave it at just that. Mutual masturbation is often a good compromise if you’re not up for partner sex, or if you’re tired and just want to self-pleasure and got to sleep. Be open and honest with your lover and respect each other’s wishes and desires.

Take the focus off orgasm and into pure self-pleasure

We often get caught up in goal-oriented masturbation (masturbating to reach climax). Slow it right now, enjoy every single little touch and make love to yourself just how you want your lover to make love to you. It’s amazing what can happen when we slow down and let go of having to have a ‘release’.

Incorporate Pussy & Cock Massage

Make sure you have organic coconut oil handy, pour some into your hands and lather it all over you. Give yourself an intimate loving massage and enjoy being watched. Massage is a beautiful intimate self-pleasure practice that gives us the opportunity to relax into our own touch and pleasure.

Mojoco has a beautiful range of self-pleasure products.

Clitoral Stimulators

Dual Stimulators

G-Spot Vibrators


About Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website

Magical getaway with partner

Manifest A Magical Sex Getaway & Revive Your Sex Life

Sex Getaway – Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being in a magical paradise getaway with your lover. Feel the crisp white king bed sheets against your naked skin, the scent of the ocean kissing the air, the spa bath in the corner slowly filling up with oil and bubbles. Feels really damn sexy, right? It feels that way because it is, and I’m a big believer that we all need magical sex getaways in our life to spice things up cheap cialis generic online.


So why and how is a getaway so important (especially for couples in long-term relationships)? Well, getaways force us to leave our bubble at home and take time out to be pampered and waited on in beautiful hotels/resorts/tree houses (whatever floats your boat). When we leave the ‘bubble’, we leave our work and family worries behind, and we fully immerse ourselves in a space of pure presence and pleasure with our lovers.


So, what are the key ingredients to a magical sex getaway, and how can they revive our sex lives?


Find a luxury hotel and get the best room in the house


Leave the camping for another weekend, it’s time to ramp it up and treat yourself to something a little more ‘5 Star’. There’s nothing hotter than a big king bed with fresh white sheets … you can’t help but want to f*ck in a room like that! These type of hotel rooms are made for great sex!


Pack massage oil, bubble bath & chocolate


I recommend Mojoco’s organic massage, it is mixed with the perfect combination of essential oils, the ultimate mix for a sensual massage! And don’t forget the bubble bath, or you can use the oil which is also great in the bath (yes, you MUST book a room with a big bath). And then there’s the chocolate. Chocolate and red wine. Mmmmmmmmmm. Pamper each other and treat your lover to gentle  touch and pleasure.


Leave the laptop at home, and ban phones


It’s so easy to get caught up in work emails and social media these days … it’s literally at the tip of our fingers. It’s time to leave all that stuff at home and commit to a couple of nights without it. This will allow you to be really present with your lover, and presence is essential for hot love making.


Private – Coconut Oil Lubricant – great for sensual massage.



About Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website

Couple gazing into each other's eyes

How To Fu*k Strangers With Your Eyes … And Other Magical Sex Tricks

There’s a myth in our culture that sex always begins with foreplay, and ends with penetration and orgasm (aka the ‘Genital Sneeze’). And hey, I’m definitely not against this particular style of one-off sex with someone I’ve just met. But there’s another style of sex that seems to fly under the radar, the kind of sex that blows your mind and takes your consciousness to places you’ve never been before … I like to think of it as energetic, non-penetrative eye-fu*king … with someone you don’t know … but feel like you’ve known all your life.


For those of you who have never experienced this with a stranger, it goes a little something like this: firstly, you and your counterpart instantly feel that ‘something’ that draws you to each other … it’s like a magnetic sexual cosmic pull that’s intense from the moment you meet. The sexual chemistry is unashamedly there in all it’s glory and the energy between you both is like a bomb exploding inside your mind and body. Oh, and I refer to the connection as ‘cosmic’, because often it’s not always just your sex centre speaking, it’s your heart and your consciousness saying a ‘holy hell yes, yes, yes’ to that person.


So you meet with your eyes, and instantly the charge is there. It’s a deep knowing, there’s no need for words or introductions … it’s a magical something that occurs when your eyes connect and you know that you want each other. And so the dance begins. The energy magically shifts and you connect and exchange sexual energy … solely with your eyes and your breathing generic name for cialis. No touching, no penetration … just eye gazing, breathing deeply and energetically exchanging sexual energy.


Some of you reading this will know exactly what I’m speaking of, and others may thinking I’m on a different planet. But eye-fu*king is a real thing, I promise. I know, because I’ve experienced it, and it’s by far one of the most powerful and transformative sexual experiences I’ve ever had … and the best part of it is I’ve literally eye-f*cked my way to orgasm, with no touching at all.


So, how do you experience the power of this with a stranger? Well, it’s definitely not something you can plan … I believe that if it’s meant to happen, the Universe will move mountains to bring you into presence with your ideal eye-fucking partner … and from there it’s over to you both to experience. My only tip is that you don’t resist it if it happens … allow yourself to fully feel into the sensation, trust the power of your eyes and breath, and remember you may never see this person again, so make the most of the powerful moment together.



About Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website

Naked couple in the wild

How To Own Your Sexuality and Love Your Wild Sexual Nature

We live in a world that suppresses sex and doesn’t fully encourage us to completely own our sexuality and our crazy, wild sexual nature. Today I’m here to give you full permission to own that side of yourself and embrace who you are as a wild and sexual human being. It’s time you step into your power!


It sounds easier said than done though, doesn’t it? ‘Embrace my wild sexual side? But how?’ I get it, because I too know what it’s like to push down my sexuality and not completely own it. It feels disempowering and limiting and, if we do it long enough, we wind up feeling fed up, irritated, and completely numb. So, how can we embrace our sexuality and fully own it? Here’s a few ways you can begin today:


Dive deep into what it means to be a sexual human


Get yourself a therapist or coach, attend workshops about sexuality, and read books that inspire and educate you. Get acquainted with what it means to truly feel sexually empowered (hint: it means different things to different people). Set yourself some goals i.e. I want to feel comfortable naked, and find a way to kick the goals! Work on your own ‘stuff’ that gets in the way of you feeling empowered (I seriously recommend sex coaching or therapy for this). Remember, if you constantly work on your ‘baggage’, you’ll feel freer and more alive than ever!


Own your desire for great sex


If you completely own your desire for great sex, you may find that people around you feel a little uncomfortable. This is because it challenges them in their own sexuality … don’t let these people stop you from being who you are! Surround yourself with people who uplift you and inspire you and if people judge you, remember that’s their own shit to deal with.


Try new stuff and never stop learning


If you’re ready to feel truly empowered and sexually alive, you’ve got to be open to trying new things that push you outside your comfort zone. After all, you won’t grow if you don’t continually learn and educate yourself about sex and sexuality. Find yourself a great teacher and quiz them about their personal journey. Or find yourself an amazing lover.



About Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer official website.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website