4 ways to increase the intensity of your orgasm - Isiah McKimmie

In the words of Isiah McKimmie - Sexologist

I have to be honest and say that sex was never really bad for me.

I’m lucky that I orgasm relatively easily - and I think my penchant for older men meant I chose lovers who had a pretty good idea of what they were doing.

That being said, I always felt like there might  be more to explore

My orgasms were good, but I wanted to know if they could be great. Put it this way - I hadn’t had any of Meg Ryan’s ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moments of off-the-charts pleasure.

So when I first ‘discovered’ Tantra, it was like finding the key to Pandora’s box.

There really was more and ‘great’ orgasms really did exist!

Through Tantra, I learnt about whole body orgasms, orgasms that last for 15 minutes and that Tantrikas (people who practice Tantra) can have orgasms without even touching each other.

Always the diligent student, I threw myself into exploring this new world.

Although I don’t always have - or want - whole body orgasms, or sex for hours on end, Tantra provides some pretty impressive tools for increasing intensity and enhancing the enjoyment of sex.

So, without further ado - here are 4 ways to intensify your orgasm tonight.

1. Increase the time you spend in foreplay

The most common reason women fail or struggle to reach orgasm is that we don’t spend enough time in foreplay.

Women’s bodies go through complex changes in order to prepare for sex and these changes take time. Women require at least 15 minutes of foreplay for their bodies to be fully ready for penetration sex.

Before we have sex, the complex networks of erectile tissue in our vulvas need to fill with blood and become engorged. As this happens, our sensitivity, and therefore our ability to feel pleasure, increases.

Spending adequate time in foreplay will not only increase the likelihood of you having an orgasm, it will increase the intensity of that orgasm. This is true for both men and women.

2. Try Edging

If you haven’t heard of edging yet, it’s the ancient secret of Tantric Sex, that’s taking the internet by storm.

Essentially, in edging, you move towards orgasm, but as you get close, rather than going over the edge, you back off, before building up again and repeating the cycle.

By prolonging our pleasure, we also increase the intensity of the orgasm when we do orgasm.

Tantra practice teaches robust, in-depth techniques for this, however, you can start by backing off and taking some deep breaths as you come close to orgasm. 

Try approaching orgasm 3-4 times before allowing yourself to go fully over the edge.

As you back off and build up sexual energy builds, leading to a more intense, powerful orgasm when it does happen.

3. Breathe Deeply

The depth of our breath is directly related to our ability to feel. When the breath is shallow, and the body is tense and tight, we don’t feel as much as when we are relaxed and breathing deeply.

Deep breathing also calms our minds and slows our thoughts. Many women find it difficult to ‘switch off’ and be in the moment during sex. They often find themselves listing all the things they still have to do in their heads. Sound familiar?

Try engaging in deep breathing as you begin sex. This should help to bring you into your body and into the moment - so you can focus on pleasure and enjoyment.

In addition, as we approach orgasm, the breath often becomes shallow and we can even hold our breath completely. Instead, try to focus on taking deep breaths helping to relax the body. In turn, increasing the intensity in your orgasm.

4. Sound

Sound is energy. And sex is all about energy.

Often, we learn to have sex quietly (out of embarrassment or simple consideration for our neighbours) but when we’re holding back sound, we’re also holding back the flow of energy - and therefore pleasure.

Did you know that sound is a key factor in male multiple orgasm, taught through Tantra?

I’m not suggesting being fake or inauthentic with your moans and groans. I’m talking about letting out the sounds that are pure and authentic for you.

Next time you’re being pleasured by your partner, show your appreciation through your sounds of enjoyment and encouragement. Start as small or as quiet as you need and gradually explore what your authentic sounds are. Practice making these sounds to build your confidence and to allow yourself to embrace them.

We’re biologically wired to be turned on by the sounds of sex, so hearing moans of pleasure can heighten the turn on of both you and your partner.

Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach who has been helping women and couples discover deeper intimacy and desire for over a decade.  Compassionate, understanding and absolutely non-judgemental, she’s built her reputation on getting results and helping her clients live happier lives.

International Women’s Day - Reflection

International Women’s Day - Reflection

Free to choose yet fragile in a world we have created. Alone it can be all consuming but together we are unstoppable.

On a day like to day it feels important to reflect on what it means to be a women. Below is a recent story that I think encompasses for me life as a women, good and bad.

A few days ago I had intense heartburn. Never had it before. It persisted and I thought perhaps I was pregnant. I’m on the pill but you hear stories of the unexpected third child navigating its way under all odds. Not pregnant. Went to the Doctor, nothing of note wrong. I woke up the next day and had this urge to cry and so I did uncontrollably for a while and with that my heartburn completely disappeared.

I will admit I’ve been under a bit of pressure - an unwell parent, running a business, two small children and a husband with an injured foot. This is just my life at the moment but I know we are all coping with our own stories. I try to departmentalise, be less emotional, commit to less but it’s never that simple. Part of it is me but part of it is being a woman and having the innate desire to control everything in a very whole-body way. 

On my crying day I thought what can I do today to pull myself out of this. The only thing I felt could bring me up was to see a good friend. Thankfully she was available and going to a yoga class. I thought I will go too….It’s been several years since I’ve gone to a yoga class. It was a rainy day and the class was situated at the top of a surf club overlooking the ocean. Not bad! I think I could have just lay in the room full of women for an hour and absorbed the energy and it would have been enough. I felt with each breath I was filling my body with strength again.

My dear friend felt my need for her and let me take over her day with cups of tea and a leisurely lunch. We were like naughty school girls wagging our responsibilities for the day. She was my rock but I knew the day was important for her too. We both needed the unexplainable light a good friendship brings.

Your guide to the best orgasm this Valentine's Day

Your guide to the best orgasm this Valentine’s Day

It’s about this time of year that sex is on the mind. If you’re alone dedicating some time to self love is a great idea and if you’re in a relationship why not try something new?

Below is a list of 5 of the latest and greatest new sex toys available

1. The perfect dick: Olivia by JIL ($144.95)

This is your standard vibrator shaped like the perfect penis. Made with super soft body safe silicon this flexible vibrator adjusts easily to your body shape. It is incredibly easy to use, waterproof, usb rechargeable and has 10 settings. You really can’t go wrong.

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2. Love sex but need more clitoral stimulation: Tenga Vibrating Cock Ring ($109.95)

Love your man but sometimes need just a little more to reach an orgasms or maintain arousal then the Tenga is for you. The stretchy ring goes around the base of the penis and flat vibrating section sits against your clitoris while you’re having sex. Not only does it drive you wild it helps your man last longer and increases the intensity of his orgasm. It’s a win win!

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3. Distant lovers: We Vibe Jive ($139.95)

One of the most difficult things about long distance relationships is the physical connection. How do you keep it alive? Using the We Vibe Jive and We connect app your partner is able to control your pleasure from anywhere in the world. Firstly you turn on the vibrator and connect it to your phone and then your partner links to your app and takes control. The egg shaped vibrator is then inserted into the vagina and it’s game on!

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4. Tease me: Ovo S1 ($69.95)

The Ovo S1 is shaped like a tongue and designed to use all over your body. As women sometimes less is more. We like to be teased and caressed until our desire takes over. The ultimate in foreplay although don’t worry this powerful yet petite toy will take you all the way. 

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5. Versatile: Transformer by Picobong ($154.95)

For her, for him, for him & her, for her & her…basically for everyone! The transformer is a double ended vibrator that bends into all sorts of shapes that create pleasure and fun for all involved. It is unique in its design and versatility. Something a bit cheeky to spice things up. 

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5 sexy moves to add spice to your sex life tonight - Isiah McKimmie

5 sexy moves to add spice to your sex life tonight.....

There’s a common goal of couples I see in therapy - particularly women. They want more sex, but they also want the sex they’re having to be more playful, enjoyable and exciting.

Let’s be honest - over time, our sex lives can become a little… routine. We’re often tired and feel short on time when we get into bed. Children, responsibilities and a social life mean that spontaneous encounters become less frequent.

As familiarity develops with a partner, we can become shy about trying new things - or just forget to keep changing things up and experimenting.

We lose spark, spontaneity and desire.

We fall into a sex rut.

So how do we pull ourselves out and rekindle the excitement?

Regaining spark and spice doesn’t need to involve big changes - or wild experiments. Small things can help bring the variety, fun and playfulness back to your bedroom.

Here’s 5 to try tonight

1. Start with a full body massage

When practicing Tantric sex, we always begin with movement or touch to the entire body. Swapping a full body massage is a wonderful way to do this.

Bringing attention and awareness to the body helps us relax, get out of our heads and avoid distracting over-thinking - making us more likely to be in the moment and enjoy ourselves.

Massage or other forms of loving touch also support the body to release the bonding hormone oxytocin. This helps couples feel bonded and connected to each other and is vital to the production of lubrication in women.

Massage also increases the time we spend in foreplay which enhances pleasure, decreases the chance of pain during sex and increases our chance of reaching orgasm.

Mojoco Organic Massage Oil

Private Coconut Oil Lube - Can be used for genital and all over body massage

2. Pleasure yourself - for your lover

Our lovers love to see us enjoying ourselves.

Spice things up tonight by giving them a little show of your pleasure. Self-pleasure in an incredible, intimate, playful way to begin love-making.

Yes, it’s vulnerable, but that’s what makes it so beautifully intimate.

3. Use a vibrator on him during oral sex

The area between the testicles and the anus in men is known as the perineum and is particularly sensitive.

This is due to its connection to the prostate - similar to the G-Spot in women.

The prostate can be stimulated directly by internal anal stimulation, but external perineum stimulation can also pleasure this area.

You can stroke, use pressure, or even use a small, clitoral vibrator like the Je Joue Mimi Soft in this area as you give him a hand job or oral sex.

4. Stimulate your breasts during sex

Nipple stimulation activates the same areas of the brain as genital stimulation. Because of this, some women can orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.

In Tantra, the breasts and nipples also have significance due to their connection to both heart and sex.

Stimulating your breasts can add to your turn on and pleasure. It’s also a great visual show for your partner.

5. Gently play with his testicles during intercourse

The testicles can be a great source of pleasure for men but are often forgotten as attention goes to the shaft and head of the penis.

Add tickling, pressure, slight squeezing or pulling of the testicles to enhance his pleasure. The amount of pressure will vary from man to man, so make sure you check in to find out what he enjoys.

You can do this in numerous positions such as cowgirl or with him on top.

I promise you’ll thank us for these later.

Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sex Therapist, Sexologist + Coach who has been helping women and couples discover deeper intimacy and desire for over a decade.  Compassionate, understanding and absolutely non-judgemental, she’s built her reputation on getting results and helping her clients live happier lives.

Mojoco goes bush (pun intended…)

I’ve just come back from taking Mojoco on an outback adventure. I was asked to attend an event called ‘Country Channel Ladies Day’ organised by an incredible group of women who live in rural Queensland. The slogan for the weekend is ‘inspiration in isolation’ and what an inspiration the event is. The purpose of the event is to provide women in western QLD the opportunity to connect socially with other women, discuss issues associated with living in isolated areas, form friendships, increase emotional wellbeing and experience new things that would otherwise be hard, if not impossible, to source locally. 

I travelled on a 12-person charter flight with much of the entertainment for the weekend onboard. Before we landed I already felt connected to the wonderful group of talented people joining me on this experience. All of us were in some form of nervous excited anticipation, bonded by our proximity and our joint goal to provide a mix of education, entertainment and fun. 

First impressions

Arriving on the airstrip in Jundah (a small rural community in the middle of QLD) we were greeted by three jovial women in 4WD’s. We were given a tour of the town that took about 3 minutes and headed to the racetrack where the event was being held. Although I was brought up in a small rural town in NSW the vast flat red dirt landscape was very new to me and the feeling that you were a long way from anywhere was both unnerving and exhilarating. 

A large marquee was set up alongside the racetrack shed and that was the main facility for the weekend. There were long lines of tents that were our beds for the weekend and, I must note, a very fancy amenities block. 

I could write endlessly about every segment of the weekend as there is so much to tell but let me focus back to what I was there for - to chat female pleasure and share why I believe it’s so important, plus give women a chance to purchase some Mojoco goodies. The 'pleasure store' was open at night time. On Friday night I set up all the products I managed to bring with me on the plane on a single table, got myself a wine and just as I went to sit down the first person arrived for a chat. From that moment on I didn’t get a chance to sit down as more and more women came past. I was overwhelmed by the response and loved everyone’s enthusiasm, openness and excitement. A lot of women expressed interest in coming to my workshop the next day and everyone was so welcoming that it helped calm my nerves.

Time to talk female pleasure!

My largest audience yet! A round table with an array of sex toys set up on the red dirt with about 30 smiling faces aged 25 to 75. Time to begin…an overwhelming feeling of women supporting women. My nerves dropped almost instantly as I told my story to a room full of women who enjoy a good yarn and exude empathy and understanding. There was lots of curiosity, eyes that tell-all and plenty of laughs and giggles. That night when I opened up my one table shop I was inundated with women. 

The wrap up

One of the main takeaways for me is that we as women experience many of the same things even though our lifestyles may be very different. This is true across the board but of course I will relate it to our sexuality. We all drift sexually from our partners over time for whatever reason. We all have felt shame or guilt at some point about our sexuality. Sex, orgasms or general self-pleasure is something we all ponder about and have interest in. Sharing my very ‘normal’ story with this amazing group of country women made me feel even more passionate about the importance of sharing the message that it’s ok to nurture your sexual wellbeing. In fact its more than ok, it’s very important to who we are. 

As I stepped off the plane and said my goodbyes to a beautiful group of people I felt grateful to have been part of something so special. Despite my exhausted body as I jumped into the car I had a burst of energy and let out a loud ‘yee ha’!

Thank you to the ladies of the Channel Country!

I also wanted to make special mention of two ladies that supported and inspired me through the weekend.

Ellen Briggs - An equally fabulous women as she is comedian. Currently touring a show call Women Like Us. Get to a show near you and like the Facebook Page for some classic content.

Taryn Brumfitt - A kind, caring women with an empowering message. Founder of the Body Image Movement Taryn is all about positive body image. Through her story she is teaching women the value of loving their bodies including might I add our lovely vulvas! If you haven’t seen the movie Embrace get yourself a copy today. 


Erotica - Exploration & self-pleasure with my Pretty in Pink Pack

I am at home alone today with my Mojoco Pretty in Pink Pack. It feels strange to be dedicating time to self-pleasure but also something I really feeI I need. It has been ages since I’ve had a decent orgasm. I want the release but more than that I want to connect with myself.

While the bath is running I stand naked in front of the mirror. The glow of the candle light is kind to my shape. I decided to play a game with myself. Instead of focusing on my flaws, I look for the things I love about my body. Initially I find this process challenging but it becomes easier. The length of my neck, my belly button, my mouth…The more I acknowledge, the more I find to appreciate.

I sprinkle some of my new Mojoco organic massage oil into the water. The scent is delicious. As I drop my body into the warm water I instantly relax. After a while soaking I want to touch my body. Firstly I give my shoulders a rub and then I move my hands towards my nipples circling with the tips of my fingers until they go hard. I can feel my body livening up to the sensations. I place my hand on my vulva softly stroking myself. I know I can come quickly if I try but that’s not what this is about. I  stay in the bath for another 5 minutes building the tension.

I dry off and place my soft new cotton robe on my warm naked body. My bed is awaiting me and so is my WeVibe Tango! Relaxed yet feeling the adrenaline of arousal I turn on my toy. I buzz my nipples and around the entrance of my vagina. Now my clitoris and I scream out in pleasure. I slide the tango into my vagina pinpointing my g-spot while I massage my clit with the other hand. I’m on the edge. Determined for more I remove both my hands and wait breathing. After 5 breaths I go again. Repeating the process until I can’t wait any longer……Heaven! Now I think I might enjoy a little snooze.

Erotic Short Story - Exploring our new home

Erotic Short Story

The boxes were still stacked in various rooms around our house, and though we knew the house was ours and the papers were signed, it still felt somewhat foreign. Of course, settling in might take a while, but it didn’t bother me, because it was him, and I, together and no matter where we were, we were home.

I had an idea of how I wanted to spend our first night…candles lit all over the house (since we hadn’t set up the electricity yet) and eating delivery pizza on the floor of our brand new bedroom. A mattress, piles of blankets, and each other – it was all we needed. Well, plus a few other special surprises that I already had delivered to the new address. It wouldn’t be long before we got lost in the craziness of unpacking, so this was our night to explore our first home…together

As he went to the door to pay for our pizza, I slipped into my new cotton robe, completely naked underneath.

He came into the bedroom and I had my back to him, preoccupied by lighting candles. I heard him set the pizza down and walk towards me. He spun me around and looked me up and down, with a look in his eye one could only imagine, and slowly untied the loose knot of my robe. His fingers traced my collar bone, then he reached for the edges of my robe and he pulled it off my shoulders, the robe dropped to the floor. He grabbed me around the waist, dipping me to the floor and kissed me hard, harder than he ever had before.

I thought we might collapse onto the bed, but he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. As he walked out of the room I whispered in his ear, grab the small box by the bed. He leaned down, still firmly holding me with one arm, as he picked my little surprise and carried me out of the room.

My heart was racing, where was he going to take me? Were we about to fuck in our new double shower? No…too predictable, he went  towards the kitchen, the orange evening light was barely streaming in through the windows.

He bit my neck as he lowered me down onto our new kitchen island.

The cold granite beneath my bum and his tongue tracing my ear lobes sent shivers up my spine. He set the box behind me and I reached for it arching my back. He groaned and slide me even closer, I could feel his hard erection through his pyjama pants, pressing on me to the point where I could hardly wait for it to be inside of me.

I pulled the box from behind me, and set it in between us.

I looked up at him and told him to take his pants off. He obeyed. I could tell, just from that one command, he was hornier than I had ever seen him. His curiosity obviously taking over his mind, wondering what I had in store for him. But, with this new found sense of command, and his obedience, I decided I would make him work for the surprise.

This time, I put my arm behind his neck and pulled his ear to my mouth. I asked him how badly he wanted me, he made a low, rumbling growling sound that made my toes curl. His hands were pressed firmly against the countertop, I could see his muscles tensing. Knowing he was would devour me if I made him wait one more second, I teased him even more. What can I say? I loved the power.

I placed my hand on his shaft and told him if he wanted to see what was in the box, he needed to put his fingers inside of me. He did as I said, firstly putting them on my clit, rubbing me slowly, and then inserting them inside of me.

The pleasure was taking over my body, and he knew it, whispering to me, “Baby, you’re so wet.”

He took his fingers out and used how wet I was, to put his ease his index finger inside of my bum. The sensation felt incredible. That’s when I told him, “Get on the counter.” I hopped down, telling him to lay down where I was sitting.

He got up and laid down on our large kitchen island, the cool granite now on his back. I jumped up and got on top of him. Placing my body on his and rubbing his shaft in between my legs, when we were both wet enough I put his hard penis inside of me. Riding him slowly, at first. Then faster. I moved my hand towards my clit, put my head back and began moaning. He firmly grabbed my waist, holding me tight, so he could move quickly in and out of me. I began touching myself again, this time I was close to the edge of climaxing, I adjusted myself so that he was hitting my g spot as we fucked. I told him I was about to come, his grip became even firmer and moments later we both came. Out of breath and smiling, I leaned down and grabbed his face, gliding my tongue on his lips.

“Now, it’s your turn to be in control,” I said.

“What do you mean?” he said.

I opened the mysterious box and handed him a remote.

He looked at me in that same way I described before, like he could say anything, open his mouth, kiss me, touch me with a single finger and I would melt.

”Go to the lounge room,” he demanded.

Our couch was still wrapped in plastic, he unwrapped it as I put the new vibrator (svakom elva) inside of me. Before he was even done with unwrapping the couch, he pressed the button on the remote I handed him moments before, I shuddered as the vibrations filled my entire body with sensation.

“Sit down.” He instructed.

After I climaxed at least too many times to count…we were both breathless and began putting our pyjamas back on. I think we fucked in every room of our nearly empty house.

We walked into our bedroom, the pizza now cold, “This will be fun when we’re unpacking tomorrow,” he laughed, putting the remote in his pocket.

I looked at him inquisitively, and then realised exactly what he meant. He wanted to hold on to the controller as I kept the vibrator inside of me, while we unpacked. So that he could inconspicuously send me into an orgasmic state, when I least expected it. In that very moment, I smiled, knowing I had just moved into a beautiful, now christened, home with my perfect match.

Erotica - I reach for the little black box....

I reach for the little black box I’d been keeping as a surprise and show him what’s inside. He lunges for me with his whole body, but the knot I’ve tied around his hands with his T-shirt holds him to the chair. I move towards him, my lips just out of reach, and smile as he groans in anticipation.

Slowly, I pull the ring (tenga smart vibe) of my new toy around his penis and turn it on. I can instantly sense the pleasure it gives him… his orgasm will be so much more intense tonight. The gentle hum sends goosebumps up my skin, but I want to make this last as long as I can - I've been waiting for this moment all weekend.

I reach one hand around his neck, pulling his desperate mouth to my nipples and with the other I guide him inside me, so slowly. I’m taunting myself as much as him, because I know that the moment I feel the vibrator against me I’ll lose control completely.

Normally when I’m so aroused he can’t control his ejaculation but the sensation of the ring has enabled him to last longer. We smile at each other knowing, between us, what has just happened. A tender kiss as he pulls himself deeper inside me.

Does lingerie make you feel sexy?

Does lingerie make you feel sexy?

I used to think lingerie was all for the men but actually its for both of you. If you feel sexy, you are sexy!

In a survey we recently conduction of 630 women 88.6% said they had worn lingerie and 73.8% said it made them feel sexy. Feedback taken, so I put it to the test.

I’m going to admit I’ve never got seriously into lingerie. A few pieces here and there but when our testers arrived I had a field day. I was prancing around having the time of my life and also getting seriously turned on. Where’s your husband when you need him? I sent many sexy photo texts, tried to call. I sat on my bed feeling extremely sexually frustrated until I remembered I had myself and a house full of sex toys.

Conclusion is YES lingerie makes you feel sexy and YES it turns you on!

International Parents Day - How to have a sex life once you become a parent

International Parents Day - How to have a sex life once you become a parent

There is no doubt that your sex life dramatically changes once you become a parent. Initially the hormones and lack of sleep are at fault and then the busyness of family life seems to take over and your sex life becomes bottom of the priority list.

What to do? Here are some ideas...

Place value on sex

This may sound a bit bizarre but unless you’re willing to change your thought patterns and give sex value it will always sit at the bottom of your list. Sex connects you and your partner. You are less snappy when those love hormones are zooming through your body. Sex breeds sex. The more you have the more you want. You will find you are more affectionate in general. Your kids will subconsciously notice this and feel more secure. See, it is important. Do it for the kids!

Schedule sex

Don’t pretend you are pre-kids and spontaneous sex is there for the taking most days. You need to put it in the diary. Ok so its not totally romantic but it can be quite fun. Build up the anticipation a bit. Take the time to send your partner a saucy message at lunchtime. Maybe buy some sexy lingerie.

Try new things

Be open to trying new things. Always communicate open and honestly with each other. Don’t get stuck in old habits just because they are exactly that old habits. Be a little adventurous. Maybe try a couples sex toy, sensual massage or a sex getaway!

Lesbian Erotica - Playtime with you

Lesbian Erotica

We take turns and tonight it was my night to put on the entertainment. We had already had a bath together so the tension was high. Sarah lay on the bed while I remained in the bathroom to get ready. I put on my new black full lace teddy and grabbed our mini vibe (the Ovo D5). I pressed play to my favourite playlist, sexy jazz, and sensually moved my way into the bedroom and towards the bed. We kissed passionately but I wasn’t to get distracted.

I asked Sarah to lay back on the pillow. I was kneeling on the bed facing her. I turned on the mini vibe, sucked it and ran it down the deep v of my teddy pushing the lace aside and teasing my left nipple that went hard instantly.

From there I let the vibrator run down my body back over the lace fabric and towards my vulva. I moved from a kneeling position onto my back with my vulva facing her. Snap, I unclipped the clip crotch of my lace teddy exposing my wet vagina. I brought our mini vibe over my clitoris and into my vagina. I shivered with pleasure. I felt Sarah’s hand on mine as she took over the vibe. The rest is skin on skin, desire, kissing vibrations and oh so many orgasms….

Erotica - Role Play

When I saw this babydoll lingerie set online I thought role play for sure. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time dressed up for bed in the 1950s. I know Tom is going to be back late tonight and I’ve asked him to come straight upstairs. I hear the door close. He’s home! I fuss around and lay on the bed sideways supporting my head with the mesh of the babydoll opening to expose my stomach.

He reaches the door. ‘Oh honey your home’ I say. He smirks and walks towards me dropping his backpack (a briefcase would have been better but lets continue). Kicking his shoes off he jumps on the bed and kisses me. It’s slow and deep. I’m excited and I can tell by the growing bulge in his pants that he is too.

I sit up a bit and take of his jacket and then start unbuttoning he shirt. He frantically removes his pants leaving just his jocks. I push him onto his back and start kissing down his body. As I remove his jocks he moans and his body almost convulses. ‘Your killing me babe’ he says. I want to tease him. I wrap my lips around his large penis. I love controlling his pleasure. ‘Stop, I have to have you’ he begs. ‘Ok but on my terms’ I say.

I stand over him on the bed and remove my g-string dropping it on his face. Keeping the babydoll on I kneel one leg on either side of his body and slowly push my vulva down his body until I reach his penis. I play with myself and him by not quite letting him enter me. Our eyes lock, we’re ready……

Erotica - Sensual Kissing

Kiss me!

The candle light was flickering as I put on my new teddy.

The soft fabric glided across my freshly showered body. I took my hair out of its hair tie and lay on the bed.

I heard the shower turn off and waited in anticipation. What a picture, a towel around his waist and a few water droplets rolling down his neck onto his large shoulders.

He walked towards me. When he reach the bottom of the bed the towel slid from around his waist as he kneeled to kiss the top of my foot, my knee, my inner thigh, my vulva, stomach, neck and then deeply onto my mouth.

A rush of adrenaline flowed through me and I wanted to take control.

We flipped positions and it was my turn to kiss him. I was consumed by the taste of him.

As our tongues moved from needy and frantic to soft and delicate I felt his hands tighten around my waist.

Our bond deepened along with our desire.

Geordie Shore Mojoco

Geordie Shore & Mojoco

The Day Geordie Shore filmed with Mojoco

About 6 months ago an unusual email request came through from a producer at Geordie Shore UK. Would Mojoco be interested in doing a sex toy party for their 17th season being filmed on the Gold Coast? Ummm, hell yes!! Conversations progressed and honestly it didn’t feel real until after the filming had taken place. That evening I remember sitting having a red wine with my husband and saying “did that just happen?”.

I woke up on the morning of the big day and packed up my car full of goodies to take to Byron where the event was to take place. Just as I drove into the village I got a phone call saying that there had been a change of plans and would I mind doing the party in the Gold Coast and perhaps at our office? Of course I said! No hurdle too big, I was determined to make it work. There was 3 hrs to get back, make the place look respectable and then look as if nothing was a problem….And it was of course a 35 degrees plus day. 

I’ll be honest I’d heard of Geordie Shore but had never actually watched it so when the cast arrived I really didn’t have much of an idea who was who. I watched a brief episode on MTV but decided it might be better to go in knowing less so I didn’t get nervous. I was told they had no idea what they were doing in this random bushland / rainforest location so when they walked in you can imagine the reaction to a table full of sex toys

At the beginning I noticed the camera but as we settled in it did feel pretty casual. The cast and crew were lots of fun and everyone was up for a laugh. When it comes to discussing all things sex you often need humour to break the ice and I love that. 

The Geordie Shore cast are comfortable and open about their sexuality so there was no question out of bounds. We discussed everything from our fantasies to sexual preferences. This makes for good entertainment! The interesting thing about the current sex toy market is you will always find something you haven’t seen before therefore you always walk away having learnt something. I hope this is how the cast felt.

I have been asked whether being on the show will be good for business? Is it on brand? To this my response is yes, Geordie Shore is a little outrageous but secretly we all love a bit of drama. We wish we could let our hair down and say exactly what we’re thinking, get too drunk and pash the guy from next door or maybe buy that vibrator we’ve been contemplating for years!

I should also mention that although the production company filmed for 5 hrs at our property and took up a considerable amount of my unpaid time and free product over the 6 month plus period of our relationship MTV decided not to air our segment. They showed the cast cleaning toilets in a pub instead... What is more interesting?  Obviously this is very disappointing from a business perspective but the question lingering in my head is "Are sex toys so taboo that one of the most sexual explicit and outlandish reality TV shows ever made were too scared to air it?". In my opinion the segment was relatively low key, informative and all round a lot of fun.

Products featured throughout the sex toy party

Le Wand - Chloe Ferry's  favourite

Anal Plug Set - Nathan Henry's favourite

Sex in the shower suction handcuff's - Dee Nguyen's favourite

Tenga Smart Vibe - Vibrating cock ring - A Mojoco favourite plus we thought Nick Murdoch might like it

YES Organic Lubricant -  for everyone just because it's the best lubricant on the market!