4 Hot Tips On How To Have A Happy Vagina

A healthy and happy vagina makes a world of difference to the happiness of women in their every day life. There’s nothing worse than feeling irritated and sore, and so it’s vital that we know how to look after our vagina and vulva so that it’s in optimum health. Here’s four simple ways you can maintain a happy vagina every single day:


1. Only select natural products if you’re going to put them anywhere near your vagina and vulva


I’m talking about skin care products (such as body wash), body moisturiser, massage oil, lubricant, and even clothes washing liquid. Any product that you use that goes anywhere near your vulva and vagina can have a huge impact on your health. Many women complain of feeling irritated and yet, when they begin using organic soap-free body wash, the irritation clears within days.


Some Mojoco options:

Organic Lubricant

Organic Intimate Cleanser

Organic Massage Oil


2. Treat your vulva and vagina like a sacred temple 


Only put things inside and around your vagina that you respect and adore. This includes penis’s, sex toys, vegetables, fingers, tongues, and anything else that ends up in your vagina. Seriously, really have a think before you allow anything inside you and your sacred space. Your vagina is like a temple and a temple is a place of worship and beauty.


3. Get regular sexual health checkups and pap smears


Lots of us put off sexual health checks and pap smears because we find it awkward and uncomfortable. The fact is, if you leave your sexual health and don’t have regular check ups, you may end up with an STI that affects your fertility, or abnormal cells on your cervix that leave you with cancer later in life. DO NOT leave your sexual health check up at the bottom of the to-do list! Make a booking today to get yourself checked and take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.


4. Give yourself a vulva/yoni massage


Seriously, take time out to give yourself a massage. I recommend using organic coconut oil to massage your entire vulva … coconut oil is safe to use internally too and is an amazing lubricant! Nourishing our vulva with touch is a wonderful gift to self and a beautiful self-pleasure ritual.



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About Juliet

Juliet Allen is a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Writer.  She has a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner which we love. Juliet is passionate about empowering women to embrace their true sexual nature and encourages everyone to explore and own their sexuality. Juliet Allen Website