Frequently Asked Questions

Adult Toys come in such a range of quality, shapes and styles so we’ve made the decision easier by only stocking a small range of toys from the best brands that truly work and meet the MOJOCO quality standards. To further help you understand the products available and select what is right for you we’ve put together answers to some of the basic questions to help . Be sure to also visit our Sex Blog and don’t hesitate to contact us with anything missed.

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Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes with a motor that is true to its name as it produces vibrations. Most have an assortment of settings that vary the vibration speed and pattern as well as what part of the toy is active. All MOJOCO vibrators are rechargeable via electric port, magnetic clip or docking station.

Vibrators come in many different styles to provide stimulation in different locations and ways. These are typically g-spot, clitoral or both. To make it easy we’ve noted in the product description what type of stimulation you can likely expect when selecting your MOJOCO vibrator.

You need to consider whether you are looking for g-spot, clitoral or both kinds of stimulation before deciding on a toy. It is also important to consider the general look, power and size.

At MOJOCO we stock the best not the most to make your choice simpler. Our toys are high quality, body sensitive, 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable and are stocked in a single colour so these are some questions you don’t need to worry about.

FACT – Only 30% of women orgasm from g-spot stimulation while having penetrative sex.

Please refer to below diagram.

The majority of our nerve endings are external which explains why most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. It therefore makes sense to have a vibrator specifically designed for stimulating the clitoris. These are usually smaller than vaginal ones, but carry much stronger vibrations which makes them ideal whilst making love but does not rule them out for solo play. They are a great introduction to vibrators as are generally for external use.


  • We-Vibe Tango – is similar in size & shape to a lipstick making it easy to pop in the handbag. This bullet is small but powerful. Made of a harder material.
  • We-Vibe Touch 2 – shaped like a curved hand with a slight tip for pin point stimulation
  • JeJoue Mimi Soft – made from an extremely soft silicone that almost melts in your hands as it melts on your clitoris
  • Svakom Keri – It’s unique longer shape makes it easy to maunover and discrete to hold while having sex

The G-spot toy is your traditional vibrator designer for vaginal penetration. For women who can’t reach an orgasm through penetration alone the sensation is still enjoyable and perhaps less intense than direct clitoral simulation. Some vaginal vibrators are slightly curved to stimulate the G-spot. If you have never located your G-spot this type of vibrator is an excellent way to find it.


  • Je Joue G-Kii – This G-spot toy is amazing as you can set the curve of the vibrator to suit your individual G-spot needs
  • Lelo Mona Wave – Uniquely designed to wave towards your G-spot

This is by far the most popular type of vibrator. These vibrators work double time to stimulate your clitoris and g-spot. Models are typically designed to be used in a number of ways including separately on each stimulating point and simultaneously on both.


  • JeJoue Fifi – She’s cute and elegant at the same time. Fifi also has two ears for those who prefer less direct clitoral stimulation
  • Lelo INA Wave – This top of the line vibrator is sure to make you quiver with its unique feature being its wave towards your g-spot
  • Svakom Barbara – Barbara has a ridged tip for added sensation.

Though vaginal vibrators can be a great foreplay tool, if you want to use your toy while having penetrative sex you may want to select a smaller clitoral vibrator so it does not get in the way. Hands-free toys are usually toys that are worn – for example the We-vibe 3 – the famous couples’ vibrator worn by the women whilst making love. Completely, hands-free, fully waterproof and rechargeable – everything a girl could ask for! – See more at:

Cock rings also serve this purpose and Both partners usually enjoy vibrations during intercourse. A cock ring is a device that fits around the penis, constricting the flow of blood and increasing the intensity of an erection. Just before orgasm, the cock ring is released, creating a more powerful orgasm.

A wand is where it all started. Initially created as a massager until a smart woman somewhere discovered other pleasures. This simple design provides very enjoyable stimulation on your clitoris


If fitted with an attachment it can also be used like the ears of a bunny for a different experience. The vibrations that run into the soft silicon attachment are less intense which is a nice subtle sensation.


  • Nalone Rock – The Nalone wand is a very pleasant surprise. A great starting vibrator for a good price.
  • Svakom Emma – This wand has the special feature of warming up! Very nice for a winters night in.

Kegel balls are small ball shaped weights that are used for both sexual stimulation and to exercise the pelvic floor.



  • Help strengthen vaginal muscles/ pelvic floor
  • Increase sensations improving sexual arousal
  • Help with the control of urinary bladder
  • Help increase sex drive


FACT – They have been around since c.500AD


  • Jejoue Ami – 3 varied shapes/weights allow you to start slowly and progress at your own pace
  • Lelo Luna Noir – Easy to insert provide sensual pleasure and fitness combined

Though vaginal vibrators can be a great foreplay tool, if you want to use your toy while having penetrative sex you may want to select a smaller clitoral vibrator so it does not get in the way.


We also have a range of hands-free couples toys – some worn by women and others by men.

MOJOCO source only the best quality vibrators and all come with a supplier warranty that is typically 1 year. If used and cared for in accordance with supplier recommendations your vibrator should keep working for several years fault free.

I think the easiest way to explain is to talk through the couples vibrators we stock.


  • Tenga Smart Vibe – this is a vibrating ring that goes around the male’s penis. It has a long flat soft addition that vibrates and sits towards the female’s clitoris or you can take it off and you it as a vibrator (e.g. male’s perineum). The ring also prolongs the man’s lasting capacity and intensifies his orgasm.
  • Je Joue Dua – Great foreplay toy as it has the option for partner controlled play using the Je Joue app or a discreet pen. With its flexible middle the Dua can be adapted to fit your body shape for dual stimulation
  • We Vibe 4 Plus– The WeVibe also a dual stimulator with partner controlled play but has the added option to enjoy whilst making love. For best results use in slow sensual sex.


For more detail please refer to couples product descriptions.

It is usually considered safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy if you have been given the ok for sexual intercourse. We always recommend asking your Doctor’s advice just to be safe. Good hygiene is particularly important in this period. Be sure to clean your toy with warm water and antibacterial soap/toy cleaner and leave somewhere clean to dry after use.

To protect yourself and your vibrator it should be cleaned before and after use with warm soapy water or antibacterial wash. All MOJOCO toys are 100% waterproof so are very easy to clean. Store for easy access, in a dry and dark spot where the kids won’t find it!

Something that makes you feel comfortable and excited. We recommend starting externally and working your way up in both size and exploration.

If you have any more questions, please contact us at 07 5533 8355 or send us an email at We love helping people make the right choice.